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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia. Hotels
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The Ruh-Ordo Tashkul Ata Cultural Center, on the northern shore of the Lake Issyk-Kul was commissioned in 2002 as a cultural "theme park" to commemorate and celebrate the historical heritage of the region as a modern-day meeting place for people of all nationalities, faith and cultures. In Kyrgyz, the name means "spiritual place" and large, attractive, parkland incorporates Buddhist, Christian and Islamic places of worship.

There is also a large concert hall, large meeting rooms decorated with works of art and sculpture are found throughout the grounds including monuments to artists and statesmen, (including Boris Yeltsin, the first president of the Russian Federation, who was a frequent visitor to Issyk-Kul).
The center organizes cultural events such as traditional horse back games and folklore shows.

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Rest on the Issyk Kul lake, hotels in Issyk-kul
The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia