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The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia. Hotels
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Gorge Dzhuuka

Gorge Dzhuuka (Zauka) - one of the most beautiful gorges of Terskej Ala-Too. It is located in the south from settlement Saru that in 10 km to the West from village Pokrovka. Unlike the next gorges Terskej Ala-Too, the river Dzhuuka in the top part on a considerable extent flows to in parallel main ridge of Terskej and only approximately from a confluence of Kashkasu turns on the north. Therefore length of the river Dzhuuka is more than the next gorges. (About 55 km)
In Dzhuuka gorge more than in other gorges of Terskej, has remained wild animals. Herds of a goat - Teke total to hundred goals. Perhaps, this unique gorge of northern slope of Terskej where argali and a stone marten still fended. In a wood zone of Dzhuuku there is a lot of deer, and bearded partridges.

Red rocks are throughout all gorges. Here along the river there were the caravans of the Silk Way which were going down from severe pass Bedel and moving ahead on high-mountainous deserts where now there is a well-known gold mine "umtor". In VII century in Dzhuuka river valley there was a settlement Christians Nestorians, natives of far Syria. The sign have left here also Buddhists, having beaten out on a huge stone the eternal mantra. Sufferers and patients found rescue in curative sources of the right inflow of Dzhuuku - Dzhuukuchak. In the end of a XIXth. Century in caves of red rocks as a swallow's nest, the Kyrgyz fortress of Buginsky manap(governor) Burumbaj huddled.

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Rest on the Issyk Kul lake, hotels in Issyk-kul
The Issyk Kul lake is the Pearl of the Central Asia